WEEK IN REVIEW: May 17 - 24

This week I working on finishing up my Craft Test Dummies work, listening to music with my husband, Space Pirate things, and lots of cat snuggles.

1) While I worked on creating the Faux Geodes tutorial to coordinate with my Craft Test Dummies product reviews, Sophie kept me company. She's used to me working on a laptop on the couch, vs on a desk top computer. This was distressing, but I enjoy the kitty interruptions.

2) Here is a look at the finished Faux Geodes.

3) We went to Fallout mid-week to see Voltaire and Ego Likeness perform. Since my parents were taking our daughter to school the next day, we grabbed a post-show breakfast at Denny's, before heading home.

4) I worked on something using the Ubercorp logo and a circuit board image. We didn't end up using it in the episode. I learned a few image editing tricks which I'll use and share in future printed projects.

5) This was my makeup from our 6th League of Space Pirates Live From Space episode

6) This is how I started off that day.


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