WEEK IN REVIEW: May 11 - 16

This week I worked on jewelry and Craft Test Dummies projects. I recently joined the Craft Test Dummies team, as a product reviewer. I test and review products. I also design and write a tutorial for a project with the product. Aside from that, I worked on new wood jewelry designs, for a Bizarre Market show in collaboration with Art 180's Really Big Show. Alas, I didn't sell anything, but I did get a patchy sunburn. Some of the jewelry is listed in my Etsy store. I have more to list.

1) Sunday was Mother's Day. I enjoyed a leisurely morning. My sweet hubby got me one of my favorite things, a French fruit tart from a grocery store. They are freshly made. I got to spend the afternoon to myself, while John and Alex went to his sister's house for lunch. Later, we met up with my parents and brother for dinner at Mi Hacienda. This was a combo of celebrating Alex's birthday and Mother's Day.

2) These are some of the jewelry designs that I made. I was going for a futuristic sci-fi feel.

3) Artist H. R. Giger died, so I made a collage of my favorite pieces, and wrote this post about him.

4) I worked on reviewing both the Mod Molds and Mold Melts from Plaid Crafts. The reviews are up on Craft Test Dummies.

5) I used the Gems Mod Mold, glitter and metallic Mold Melts, and glitter to create Faux Geodes and jewelry. 

6) My daughter helped me set up my table at the Bizarre Market event. I'm wearing a tiger lily hair flower, a necklace from my new wooden line, and the Mexican Ribbon Skirt.


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