ALEX'S ARTISTRY: DIY Wood Dessert Earrings

I'm Alex, Abby's 11 year old daughter. I wanted to write my own tutorials for kid friendly crafts. I chose to make these earrings when my mom and I found these laser cut wood dessert shapes at Jo-Ann's. They are large, but light weight, which makes them great for making jewelry. The shapes are originally intended for decorating Ball mason jars, but they can be used for many other things.

  • Transform Mason's wooden tags in desserts - The wood tags come in various shapes. I chose the desserts pack, with the intent of making fun jewelry
  • Acrylic paint - Acrylic paint will be your base coat in case the glitter wouldn't cover the whole wooden tag
  • Small paint brushes - I used various small ones to paint the wood shapes
  • Fine glitter in rainbow - I used fine glitter instead of chunky glitter because I thought  fine glitter would cover more of the wooden tag and chunky glitter wouldn't, and so it wouldn't look tacky
  • Mod Podge Gloss - The gloss will finish your design and seal the loose glitter
  • Small foam paint brush - For applying the Mod Podge to seal the glitter, and making jump rings
  • Bent nose pliers, Round tip pliers, and Flush cutters - For making the jump rings, and turning the wood shapes into earrings
  • Wire - For creating jump rings. I used 22 gauge wire
  • French hook earrings - So the wooden tags could become earrings
  • Newspaper - To protect your work surface from paint and glitter
  • A cup of water and paper towel - For cleaning the brushes in between paint colors


1) Buy some Transform Mason's wooden tags in desserts at Jo-Ann's. Pick out the cupcakes. There should be two.

2) Take a firm brush and paint a cherry on top. I chose to put it on top where the hole is. Clean the brush with water and a paper towel.

3) Next, take the same brush and paint blue frosting on the wooden cupcake.

4) Next, take a slightly bigger brush and paint the whole bottom purple.

5) After the purple dries paint pink stripes on to the wooden cupcake.

6) I used a small paint brush and various paint colors to make sprinkles.

7) Afterwards, take a foam brush and apply Mod Podge. Sprinkle on the fine glitter.

8) Then when that dries take the Mod Podge and apply another coat, to seal the glitter. I did two coats, to ensure the glitter was completely sealed.

9) Flip it over. Paint a solid color of red all over the cupcake.

10) Take a foam brush and dab on some purple over the red.

11) Use the flush cutters and cut a small piece of wire long enough to make two large jump rings. Wrap the wire around the handle of the foam brush. Take the wire off of the brush. Use the flush cutters to cut two even jump rings from the curled wire.

11) Take two French hook earrings out, one for each cupcake. Using one of the two jump rings, slide it through the hole in the cupcake and one earring. Then, using ether your fingers, or the Long nose pliers and Rounded nose pliers to close the jump ring. Do this for the other earring too.

These are the finished earrings.


These Donut earrings are super cute. They can be made in so many different flavors

These ice cream pendants can also be made in many flavors and into earrings.

Hope you have fun making these earrings!


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