WEEK IN REVIEW: May 4 - 10

This week, I made over 4 bags, celebrated a couple birthdays with friends and family, and snuggled my cats.

1) Sunday, we met with our friends at Mekong, to celebrate Alex's birthday. We had lots of fun. I was great catching up with dear friends and seeing some little ones. This is a family photo from that day. If you look carefully, you can see Alex.

2) I made this Pop Art Bag using Tulip Soft fabric paints, a paint pen, and a makeup bag from Dollar Tree (from a set of 2).

3) I was inspired by the Red Valentino's bags in their Fall Winter 2014 collection. I made this Fairy Tale Tote Bag with Tulip Soft fabric paints, and a tote bag from Dollar Tree.

4) I had an old bag that needed an update. I used Tulip Soft fabric paints to transform it into a Color Blocked Geometric Bag.

5) I bought an old purple bag from a thrift store. It needed a paint makeover to cover some wear. I used Tulip Soft fabric paints to create a Painted Galaxy Bag.

6) Since I did a lot of painting this week, I sat on the couch for several hours. Sophie kept me company with some intense snuggles.

7) Friday was Alex's birthday. As a special treat, we removed her from school for the day. She wasn't missing anything important...I checked ahead of time. We went to the zoo in Norfolk, which is a favorite destination of ours.

8) After the zoo, we stopped for lunch. Then, we headed to a beach in Norfolk, that we hadn't been to before. Afterwards, we stopped at Joe's Crab Shack for a special dinner.

9) Saturday, Alex and I went to a birthday party for our friends' daughter. She turned 2 today. Her momma (my best friend) is pregnant again and due in June (which is our birth month). Excited to see and hold the new baby!


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