WEEK IN REVIEW: April 26 - May 3

This week was busy with friends, my little family, craft projects, and a bit of travel.

1) For I Love To Create April Photo Challenge Day 25: Markers, I chose my paltry collection. However, later I recalled the 4 packs of fabric markers that I own. Those probably would have been more interesting, but photos of markers are only so exciting.

2) For Day 26: Fabric, I had Alex pick out 10 fabrics from my massive stash. These are lanterns, lollipops, eyeballs, rainbow lame, paisley to leopard knit, Tinkerbell, comic book, lemons, fruit, and The Three Little Pigs.

3) For Day 27: Craft Hoard, I chose my stash of colored pencils. The only ones I left out were my watercolor pencils. This is 5 sets and some random ones.

4) Sunday, we had lunch and saw Rio 2, with Alex and a few of her friends. Afterwards, the three of us had dinner at Sedona. I was exhausted for a few days after. Hard to go back to back LoSP show and kid b-day party.

5) Monday, Alex and I saw these bistro sets outside of Kroger. I'd love to have a set, but it's not a priority purchase for now. The groceries we bought were.

6) For Day 28: My Best DIY Ever, I chose my daughter. This is a photo of her swinging at the playground near our house.

7) Tuesday, Alex and I helped paint faces at her school's book fair event. I painted 3 skulls, 1 werewolf, several butterflies, and a variety of cats on happy children's faces.

8) Wednesday, I went to DC with Alex's classmates to chaperone the trip. I was in charge of Alex and her friend. This is the girls looking at the Washington Memorial from the Lincoln Memorial. The weather was very rainy, which was a bit miserable, but we managed to have some fun.

9) While at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Alex took this photo of me reflected in the crystal ball. We'd tried this on our trip early in the month, but couldn't figure out the perfect reflection.

10) For Day 29: Scissors, I chose this scissors necklace. I think John got it for me on a trip, but I don't fully recall.

11) For Day 30: Jewelry I Made, I chose one of my 1st and favorite necklaces. The wire wrapped circles are bubbles.

12) Thursday, I finished making these Jem and the Holograms' Synergy Earrings. I used an old gift card, nail polish, gems, and glitter. The Jem Movie is currently being made, so these are in honor of that movie.

13) Friday, I made this Inspirational Quote Bag using a plain tote bag and Tulip Soft fabric paints.

14) Friday morning, we went to running club at Alex's school. I love seeing the sun high above the track. We got there on time, so Alex was able to warm up with the group.

15) Saturday, we had a girls day. We went to Jason's Deli, which has free soft serve ice cream. We had a meal too.


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