WEEK IN REVIEW: April 20 - 26

This week, I worked on several projects and hung around the house.

1) For I Love To Create April Photo Challenge Day 19: Craft Space, I chose my dining room, which I'm still currently working out of. I've done a lot of cleaning and rearranging, so it is a more functional room. I've started working on converting Alex's old playroom into a craft room, but it's slow going. I need a large work table down there, and I don't currently have one. I also need more storage and shelving. Budget wise, that project is at a halt.

2) For Day 20: Easter Eggs, I chose one of the two tacky Easter headbands that I'd made Saturday. Alex and I wore them at my parents house.

3) For Day 21: Stickers, I had Alex chose 5 pages of favorite stickers. I had bought her some new sticker sheets at Dollar Tree for Christmas.

4) Tuesday, I finished up this sewn crochet flower necklace

5) For reference, this is what the necklaces look like as I'm working on them. I'll eventually put a tutorial up for these, but I've been working on faster projects and tutorials, and some other projects.

6) I saw that Kathy Cano-Murillo (Crafty Chica) had made a fabulous Glittered Corkboard (sorry if this link doesn't work...but it's basically layers of decoupage medium and glitter). I was thinking about how I could use this idea in my own home. Then, I remembered it I had an old underused cork board hanging behind the door of the upstairs craft room of doom. I painted it with grey acrylic paint (white paint and a little black paint). Then, I went through the tedious and messy task of covering all the cork with Mod Podge Gloss and silver glitter, using a sponge brush and spoon. It was a mess. The reason I paint the background a similar color to the glitter, is so any bits that are missing glitter, aren't so obvious. It will be even less obvious when I use the cork board in my new craft space downstairs. This took a long time to dry, and my house smelled like Mod Podge for a few days.

7) Wednesday, I posted the tutorial for my Faux Spiked Cardigan Refashion. The weather is finally warming up here, so this cardigan probably won't get much use until late Summer and Fall, but this faux spike technique will likely get reused on a mini skirt. Such a great texture and so easy to do!

8) Thursday, I added green ribbon "leaves" to this colorful sewn crochet necklace. I need to finish this necklace up, and write a tutorial for it. It's my favorite out of the three variations I made.

9) For Day 22: Kids Crafts, I shared this ceramic monster that Alex was repainting. We bought a set of ceramic monsters, many years ago, which she barely painted with paint pens. She repainted 2 monsters.

10) For Day 23: Pretty Papers, I shared my vintage painted parasol...

11) ...and my sewn paper star.

12) For Day 24: Glitter, I took a photo of the glitter on the now dried corkboard.

13) Friday, I used pieces of crumpled tissue paper to cover the frame of the glittered corkboard. The frame had been various colors in it's lifetime. I needed an overhaul to cover it's past. After the paper had dried, I painted the frame with black acrylic paint.

14) Saturday, was League of Space Pirates' Live from Space: Radioactive broadcast. I demoed some jewelry made from old gift cards. I made these glow in the dark, especially for this episode. I'll write a formal tutorial for them soon, as it plays with gradients, nail polish, and glitter.

15) This was the sunset as I left our ship.


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