TRAVEL: Road Trip Essentials

Emma at Relay Rides contacted me to put together a post about my road trip essentials. You know, I travel a few times a year. Some of them are just day trips, to week+ long adventures with my little family. For a basic trip in warm weather, this is what I need...other than my two favorite traveling companions. I normally wear a long dress, cardigan, and flats. This is comfy to travel and sleep in, while still looking put together and nice outside of the car. If not a dress, it's black jeans and a t-shirt. I have a few large sunhats, but my black cotton one has been getting the most use. I have fair skin, so I must protect it well (I say this as I sport a patchy sunburn...ouch). The hat, sunblock, long dress, cardigan, and glasses are needed to maintain my fair skin. I don't tan, I burn. I always bring a big bag. This fits my cell phone, camera, sunblock, a cardigan, money, sunglasses, lip balm, and a bottled drink. For long trips, we rent an audio book. This Edgar Allen Poe one would be great for a long trip. Of course, snacks are needed too. My favs are this white cheddar popcorn and M &Ms. If it's a long trip, we normally leave early in the morning...before the sun comes up. I'll bring a blanket and pillow too, as I love to take naps while my husband drives. The audio book keeps him awake, while my daughter and I snooze. What are your road trip essentials?


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