BAG TUTORIAL: Red Valentino Fairy Tale Tote Bag

I love the bags from the Fall Winter 2014 Red Valentino collection. The collection is Disney's Snow White inspired. I wanted to replicate one of their bags to show you how to get a designer style bag for an inexpensive price. The blue tote bag is from Dollar Tree. The paint is Tulip Soft fabric paint, which is a few dollars a bottle. The other supplies you will likely already have on hand. I've been drawing for most of my life, so this sort of project comes easily to me. However, this is a playful bow design that allows for imperfection. It's a great one to challenge yourself a little, if you are beginner painter and drawer. Ok, on to the tutorial!

I used the two left ones as inspiration for this tote bag.

  • 1 Basic flat tote bag or clutch - I chose blue cotton tote from Dollar Tree. To get a designer inspired look, chose a bright blue, yellow, red, black, or silver/grey. The bag should be made of a sturdy woven or skin (real or faux) fabric.
  • Tulip Soft Velveteen fabric paint in Red, Black, and White - Choose a primary color for the bow that goes well with the bag color. I chose my paints to match the designer bag.
  • 1 Small flat brush - For painting lettering and the bow
  • 1 Thin liner brush - For painting details
  • White chalk or colored pencil - For drawing details before painting. If you don't have any, you can get some at a dollar store
  • A cup of water - For cleaning the brushes
  • Paper towels - For cleaning the brushes
  • A ruler (OPTIONAL) - To help with lettering


1) Using the designer bow as a guide and the chalk, freehand a bow shape. Any mistakes can be removed with a damp cloth. You can create your own design if you chose. I didn't create an exact copy. All of the details will be covered with red paint. My details were to just get an idea of the bow shape.

2) Dip the small flat paint brush into the red paint bottle. Fill in the bow evenly with the red paint. Give it a 2nd coat if needed. Let it dry completely before moving on.

3) Using the chalk, draw the details on the red bow. Use the designer bow as reference. Mine isn't an exact copy.

4) I tried doing some details with a black paint pen, but found that it didn't paint smoothly and bled on the unpainted fabric. Instead, I use the liner brush and black paint to carefully paint the details. I dipped the brush inside the black paint bottle. In the next photo, you will notice I altered the bow details in the center. I painted over those with a few coats of red using the flat brush. Let the paint dry completely, before moving on.

5) Using the designer bow as a guide, I painted in section black, and added white details. For the dots, I dipped the end of a paint brush handle in a little white paint and dotted the bag. You'll need to dip the end in white paint again, every couple of dots. You'll notice the center bow details are altered. I used the black paint and liner brush to repaint those. Make sure to wash the brush well in between colors. Let the paint dry completely between coats and colors, or the layers can look smeared and muddy.

6) On the back of the bag, I chose to add "ONCE UPON A TIME...", like the other designer bag. It's not perfect, but I'm still new at precise lettering. You can use a ruler and chalk to draw lines for the letter rows. These lines make it easier to draw the letters in straight rows. I used the chalk to draw the letters, so I could correct them if needed. Corrections can be made with a damp cloth.

7) I dipped the liner brush into the black paint and carefully painted the letters. I noticed they looked too thin, so I tried to thicken them a bit, which made them go wonky. You can skip the lettering, if you want a bag with a design on just one side.

That's all for this tutorial. You can make the design as simple or complicated as you want to, or are able to do. You can change the colors, do multiple bows, add glitter, add different details...what ever you desire. I did mine to go with the original bags I showed above. If I had a circle bag, I would have done the poison apple bag too. Something for the future perhaps. This bow one is certainly the happier of the two. Happy Makery!


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