WEEK IN REVIEW: March 30 - April 5

This week I spent cleaning the house, hanging out with my little family, participating in photo challenges, and working on projects.

1) On Sunday, we had dinner at the Hard Shell, which is a nearby seafood restaurant.

2) Monday, I worked on painting more wood circles. I made these geometric pendants...

3) ...and this silver and grey geometric cluster necklace.

4) Tuesday, I painted this brown and gold geometric cluster necklace.

5) I started participating in the I Love to Create Instagram April Photo Challenge. The 1st challenge was Ribbon. This is my stash of ribbon spools.

6) I worked on decluttering the dining room, by moving the remaining craft supplies to the rooms it belongs in. 

7) By Wednesday morning, this is what that same section of room looked like. I moved the bookcase backwards against the wall, to open up the room again.

8) I made the bottom two corner cubbies into kitty lounging spots.

9) I Love to Create photo challenge day 2 was Tacky Glue. I have this big jug left over from teaching classes.

10) Street Anatomy was also doing a photo challenge, of anatomical interiors. On Thursday, I chose to photograph the door of my grandmother's antique record player cabinet. I use it to store delicate artwork. I bought this decorative skull from Michaels one Halloween season. It's been hanging on the door handles since I brought it home. I think it's fitting for the contents of this cabinet.

11) I decluttered our mantle and moved most of our Autumn decorations into the dining room.

12) John helped me swap the wood toy box and the armchair. A few weeks before, Alex had filled the toy box with her VHS tapes. I laid a body pillow and quilt on top, for extra seating. The cats have enjoyed laying on it.

13) I Love to Create photo challenge day 3 was Doodles. I chose the Skull of Swirls I created during my 1st year with Skull-A-Day.

14) Friday, I shared a photo of my anatomical lantern. We bought this at TJ Maxx a couple years ago, before Halloween. 

15) Friday, we went to D.C. to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. For I Love to Create photo challenge day 3: Sparkle, I photographed the Hope Diamond.

16) This is Alex in front of the elephant in the atrium of the museum.

17) On the way home, we stopped at Joe's Crab Shack for dinner.

18) Saturday, I relaxed at home. I'm holding a tumbler glass we bought at Target, post Halloween. I love how fancy it is.


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