WEEK IN REVIEW: March 23 - 29

This week, I did a lot of painting, drilling, and hanging out with my little family.

1) The past few Sundays, while I'm at band practice, John and Alex have been playing basketball. Since I didn't have practice (we had the 4th episode the night before)

2) Monday, we went back to the library to pick up The Neverending Story. Alex reads about 10-15 books a month. We had been to the library last week. This brings her to 13 she's checked out this month.

3) Tuesday morning, we had a light dusting of snow. Since it was only sticking to the cars, I took some photos before it melted.

4) After school, Alex set up the easel Rachel gave her. She painted a portrait of the cats. When she got up to let the paint dry, the cats decided to get a close look at their likenesses.

5) I started an ongoing series of people I view as Style Icons. To start, I selected Edina and Patsy from AbFab.

6) Wednesday, for the Style Icons series, I featured Stevie Nicks.

7) I've been working on wooden jewelry. This is the sawdust aftermath from drilling holes for...

8) ...this reversible necklace. I painted it in an abstract way. To me, it looks like a Saturn, Mercury, and our sun.

9) To others, this side looks like pepperoni slices. That's part of the beauty of abstract painting. What is there will look different to each person.

10) Sophie often likes to curl up with me when I take a break. This time, while curled up on my chest, she reached out a paw to hug my arm. I had to take a photo of this sweet moment.

11) Thursday, I painted this circles in a similar way to the previous necklace, but with black, white, grey, and silver. I broke them up into earrings and necklace.

12) Friday, I had to stop the let the train cross. The cargo train is covered in graffiti. I took this opprotunity to photograph the passing train. Thankfully it was a short one, so I didn't have to wait long for it to pass. This is the rail line that runs by my house several times a day. It's had very long trains...over 30 cars, Amtrak, and even the Barnum and Bailey's Circus train. The last one is my favorite.

13) For my Style Icons series, I featured Miss Piggy. This coordinates with the current "Muppets Most Wanted" movie that is in theaters.

14) I chose an ice cream theme for another set of wood jewelry pieces.

15) Saturday, I finished the ice cream jewelry by adding wire and hooks.


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