WEEK IN REVIEW: April 6 - 12

This week I worked on more projects, had several tutorials featured on Cut Out + Keep, participated in the I Love To Create April Photo Challenge, and spent time with my family.

1) The I Love To Create April Photo Challenge Day 5 was Recycled Craft. I chose to share my Geometric Necklace from Upcycled Gift Cards.

2) Day 6 of the challenge was Inspiration. I chose my daughter and husband, as the motivate me to continue moving forward to my creative path. If my friends were available for a photo op, I would have included them too.

3) Day 7 of the challenge was Spring Crafts. I chose some materials I'm using for various projects. These are all from Michaels.

4) Monday, I worked on a large Prize Ribbon Fascinator for my daughter, using one of the wooden initials I bought from Michaels. I'll share this project more in a separate post, and likely a tutorial. Sophie of course had to "help" me take a photo of supplies. No fabric is safe from my cats.

5) Cut Out + Keep selected me to be featured as a "Fashion Superstar", for this week. Monday, my Skull Nails Tutorial was shared on their site.

6) On Tuesday, my Spike Rings Tutorial was featured on Cut Out + Keep.

7) While I was working on the Prize Ribbon Fascinator, Alex and Sophie kept me company.

8) On Wednesday, my Shrunken Skeleton Earrings Tutorial was featured on Cut Out + Keep.

9) Day 8 of the photo challenge was Fav Craft Supply. I chose paint. While I was at Michaels getting more supplies, I took this photo of the paint aisle.

10) For Day 9, DIY Decor, I chose some of my paintings I've made that hang in my home.

11) This is what the Prize Ribbon Fascinator looks like currently. I need to add an elastic headband, and it will be completed.

12) While at Jason's Deli for dinner with Alex, we were given this 42 sign for our table. This is so our food can be brought to our table. If you are familiar with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, this is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

13) Thursday, my Mexican Rainbow Ribbon Skirt was featured on Cut Out + Keep.

14) Friday, my Geometric Necklace from Upcycled Gift Cards was featured on Cut Out + Keep.

15) Speaking of jewelry from gift cards, I worked on some new pieces to demo on the next League of Space Pirates Live from Space broadcast. You can see that Radioactive episode on Ustream, since it aired on Saturday.

16) Saturday, my Beaded Applique Fascinator was featured on Cut Out + Keep.

17) We went to the VMFA for Slow Art Day hosted by Mim Scalin. After we had looked at the selected art, we went over to the new exhibit. This was artwork by Ryan McGinness. Alex took this photo, which the VMFA reshared on their Instagram page.

18) Later we went to The Daily Kitchen and Bar in Cary Town for dinner. They have fresh food and use local farms for supplies.


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