WEEK IN REVIEW: April 13 - 19

This week, I rearranged some furniture, playing with my cats, set up our new computer equipment, worked on some projects, shared some crafts, and spent time with friends and family.

1) Sunday, my Mexican Floral Sunhat Tutorial was featured on Cut Out + Keep.

2) In a rare moment, Pippi snuggled with me. She's holding my arm, in half wanting to love me and wanting to wrestle me.

3) Monday, Diversity Thrift guys came to take our old couch away. We'd had it since John and I moved in together 12.5 years ago. It had been sitting in our dining room unused for years. In it's place, I moved the old CD shelves Noah had given me. His collection has outgrown these (it's a massive collection), so they came to my house when he learned I needed better storage for my much smaller collection. Pippi and Sophie inspected a box of loose CDs, that need to be put back in their cases.

4) Since I had decluttered the mantle, I figured Sophie would be back to investigating the mantle again. This is her caught in the act.

5) My Glittery Kitty Cat Flats were featured on Dollar Store Crafts and on Make.

6) For I Love To Create April Photo Challenge Day 12: Embellishment, I shared photos of the Faux Spike Cardigan Refashion that I was working on.

7) For Day 13: DIY Fashion, I chose these 3 necklaces I'm working on. I'm almost done with the 3rd one, and ready to write the tutorial.

8) For Day 14: Sketching, I shared these old sketches Alex and I did. The top one is a basic fashion sketch I did. The other is on the reverse of the page. Alex traced it the best she could, because she wanted to draw like mommy.

9) For Day 15: Handmade Gift, I chose to show this faux taxidermy art that my best friend Kit McSmash made me. It's currently sitting on a shelf, but eventually I'll hang it up on a wall.

10) On Wednesday, I dropped my daughter off at a friend's house to play. While there, I took a photo of their yard covered in these purple flowers.

11) For Day 16: Sewing, I shared a better photo of the necklaces I'm working on.

12) Here is one of the necklaces finished.

13) Thursday, John moved a desk upstairs. While I set up and tested the computer and printer, our cats inspected our work. Pippi was curious about the printing noise.

14) This is a look at my dining room that I've been cleaning and rearranging.

15) Friday, I finally convinced Alex to let me make her a tacky headband for Easter. I made two, using wide headbands, pink Easter grass, glittery foam bunnies, and a plastic egg from Dollar Tree, and a generous application of E6000. We wore them on Easter for a little while.

16) For Day 17: Puffy Paint, I shared my corset I decorated with glow in the dark dimensional paint. The design is inspired by circuit boards.

17) For Day 18: Yarn, I shared some of my yarn stash.

18) Saturday, Alex went over to my parents house early for a sleep over and adventures. John bought me new computer speakers and a wireless internet connector, and set them up for me. Afterwards, we headed to Conch Republic Rocketts for an early dinner, to Cafe Verde for vegan cupcakes, and to our friends' house for a birthday party.


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