STYLED: Playful Plaids

A cold front moved through the USA this week. Those Winter layers I had shed because of nicer weather, had to be put back on. Spring, like Fall, is a transitional season, going from one extreme weather to another. Plaid is traditionally a Fall fabric, but during the 90s, it was made a year round fabric. I certainly had a variety of plaid shirts and skirts. Now, as I'm far past my teenage years (when grunge was around for me), I have 1 plaid skirt, 1 plaid jacket, 1 fitted plaid dress, 1 fitted plaid button up, and a few plaid tanks. Away are the days of over-sized plaid shirt, and plaid mini school skirts. With the 90s being in revival, it's a good opportunity to reintroduce plaid, but in a grown up way. It's a bold print, so it looks best if everything else is simple, and it's the only print. I prefer knee length to slightly shorter skirts and dresses, so the print doesn't overwhelm the body. Pants are an exception, but they don't work for everyone. If you don't see plaid in your local retails stores, check out thrift stores, Etsy vintage, and Ebay.


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