INTERIORS: Home Libraries

I love the smell of books. I don't have a reading tablet. I'd rather run my fingers over pages and smell their pulpy goodness. Over the years, I've amassed a large collection of books. They are spread out in the house, in various bookcases. This is something that I grew up with, as my mother is a reading addict, which is a good addiction to have. For our family, we make monthly library trips, where Alex stocks up on books. She reads about 10-15 per month. We have a section of our cube bookcase for her library books. Today is library day. I've always loved the look of old libraries, with floor to ceiling, wall to wall shelves filled with books. This isn't something everyone has space or the collection for. However, you can have a home library, within your space. Here is some inspiration of how to incorporate a home library into your home. Walls, corners, a nook, and under the stairs. Creative storage for those works of literature that expand our minds.


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