INTERIORS: Floral Wall Mural

The other day, I was pondering how to redecorate my house. We've lived here for about 9 years. We've had a lot of furniture changes and clutter build up over the years. I've hung some artwork, but not as much as we have. We've painted Alex's bedroom, and stripped the wallpaper mostly off the small bathroom. The walls need an overhaul...terrible garish paint and outdated wallpaper need to go. Since the main floor has mostly white walls, I wanted to start with these. They also are the most unusual walls of various heights, and dimensions. That's a big reason why they've gone unpainted since we moved in. Over the last few years, I've learned how to paint better, and I'd love to turn these walls into a huge canvas. I love nature, so what I'd like to do is paint an expansive mural around the rooms, halls, and stair cases. Since our financial situation has changed recently, we have to stay in our current house. It's a good house overall, we just wanted a house with our own yard. The timing isn't good for that to happen, and we haven't found anything suitable (big and private enough) for our price range. My concept at this point, is to have the walls painted (we're unable to paint the vaulted walls ourselves) grey, and I'll hand paint a design all over them. This will take a while, but it will give me something to do on those days when I just feel like painting and want to work large. The two collages below are some inspiration I collected. This concept might not work for your personal tastes, but remember this is my home, not yours.

Colorful Floral Walls

Black and White Floral Walls


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