INTERIORS: Craft Rooms

While I've been reorganizing and decorating my house, I've been looking for new inspiration. We've been in this house about 9 years. Our style has changed from "slightly more stylish than a college kid" to "we inherited a lot of antiques and our house is classy now". Our style need some updating and rethinking. I've loved vintage country decor for a long time. I want something bright and inspiring for downstairs, since it's becoming our new "Creativity Room". I came across this Jenny Allsorts' Creative Space and was instantly inspired create my own turquoise, red, white, and yellow space. The walls are currently are a pale blue, which is more sad than calming. Turquoise would be an easy brighter transformation. There is a vintage yellow couch and bright yellow built in cabinets. I love the couch (it was my paternal grandparents), which is a rich yellow and will likely be the only yellow in the room. The cabinets are a bright yellow that I'm not fond of. I'm thinking of painting them red, black, or white. I have plenty of red fabric to use for new curtains. I'll share photos and insights as my redecorating and reorganizing comes together. Anyway, instead of reading my ongoing brainstorm of ideas, how about some pretty photos.


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