ART: Betsey Johnson's Illustrations

You may be familiar with Betsey Johnson's clothing, but have you seen her artwork. Her Betsey girls started out hand drawn and colored, but with technology eventually were digitally done. Her artwork is vibrant and cheerful, much like Betsey herself. This artwork is often done for sale and merchandise ads. The top ones are likely before her partnership with Steve Madden and re-envisioning of her brand. Some of the artwork is printed on scarves, which I'd love to have and frame. The bottom ones are digital artwork, which features prints pulled from the real clothing, photographed merchandise and backgrounds. Even as her brand evolves, I'll always be a Betsey girl and love her artwork.


  1. I recently bought a framed poster of one of her prints, does anyone know the value?

    1. I suggest getting it appraised by an art dealer.


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