WEEK IN REVIEW: March 9 - 15

This week, I played with wood beads and shapes to make jewelry. This was the start of something I'd wanted to work on for a while. I tend to keep myself busy constantly experimenting with new projects.

1) Sunday, I painted wood beads to match the bag I painted for my mom. I gave it to her when I dropped off the bag. Hoping she'll wear it, even though she's not fond of skulls.

2) Monday, I painted another set of wood beads with different flowers and colors. I'm still not 100% happy with the color palette for myself, but they are pretty.

3) Tuesday, I started on a third set of wood beads. I took a break from this concept after painting them black. I'll get back to it eventually.

4) Wednesday, I broke out some wood shapes I'd had for years. I played with arranging the teardrop shapes into different designs. I'll probably end up listing these for sale on Etsy.

5) Thursday, I played with the triangles. I made this necklace inspired by a fish skeleton. I wanted to make another to sell, but sadly, the remaining small triangles broke when I drilled holes.

6) I made this necklace with wood triangles and squares. I painted more triangles and squares on them, to play with geometrics. I painted the backs solid colors, so it could be reversible. I took a break mid-day to have lunch with Alex. Always nice to show up to school with paint on my hands.

7) Friday, I played with the circles and created this abstract Earths necklace.

8) Saturday, we went to Maymont with our friend Rachel. We saw the vultures at the front of their habitat. While we were watching them, they nuzzled and groomed each other. Though many people are disgusted by these scavenging birds, I'm not. They are a vital part to our eco-system and are just as important as any other creature. We are ALL Earthlings, no matter our different species. We share this planet and it's important that we treat the other creatures with respect. 

9) We took turns taking photos in front of these Eagle wings. We walked from the petting zoo and birds down to the Japanese gardens and back up again. After Maymont, we went to Bellytimber Tavern for lunch.

That was all for this week. A lot of jewelry experiments, and I learned a lot from it. Makes me eager to play with more wood.


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