WEEK IN REVIEW: February 23 - March 1

This week, I spend most of the week creating sewing inspired jewelry. I worked on writing London Fashion Week posts, so check those out if you need some DIY fashion craft inspiration. I did some fun stuff with my family and overall had a good week. Below the collage, is a breakdown of the photos and week.

1) Sunday, I started working on a series of sewing themed jewelry. For these, I used mini wooden spools, and wrapped them with variegated craft thread.

2) Sunday evening, we went to Crustaceans for dinner. It's a local seafood boil restaurant. They cover the table with brown craft paper and give us crayons. I drew a crab using the artwork from their menu, while waiting to order and for our food to arrive.

3) Monday, I took Alex shopping to use her giftcards. We went to Toys R Us and Target. At Toys R Us, she bought 19 Hot Wheels cars, a Lego set, and a Duct Tape craft set. At Target, we met John, and bought some basic clothing to replace things she'd outgrown.

4) Monday, I made this basic necklace using a mini wood spool with green variegated craft thread.

5) I also made this fancier version using three mini wood spools with red variegated craft thread.

6) Tuesday, I made these earrings...

7) ...and this necklace with the three grey mini wood thread spools. This necklace is the fanciest of the trio. I enjoyed making fancier jewelry than normal and reviving some old skills.

8) Wednesday, I raided my button collection to make some necklaces (center) and earrings.

9) These are dangle earrings I made for my daughter using translucent rainbow buttons. Her friends at school loved them.

10) I was looking around Etsy for button jewelry ideas, and come across a few different earrings using stacked buttons. It was surprisingly hard to find enough tiny matching buttons in my collection. When I locate my bag of pink and red buttons, I'll make some red and pink earrings like these.

11) Here is a look at all the jewelry I made this week, including things on Thursday. Everything but the flower earrings, were made with buttons. The cut off necklace, is the red thread one. The stud button earrings were the easiest to make. For the shank buttons, I cut off the shank with my wire cutters. I used E6000 to adhere stud earring posts to the back of the buttons. Everything else, was more complicated to make.

12) Friday, I worked on this tassel necklace using a thimble charm I'd bought at Michaels. I had wire wrapped lengths of chain together, and glued that wrap inside the thimble, the night before. E6000 needs to dry several hours before applying weight or pressure to the project, so overnight is ideal. You will see the finished necklace in the next Week in Review post.

13) Saturday, Alex went to the circus with my parents, so we had a date day. While I was waiting for John to wake up, Pippi visited me to sniff my projects. Everything must get cat approval, or they are just very curious kitties...

14) This is Sophie under the sheer leopard curtain I have for the shower. We have a clear liner for inside the shower. The curtain has button holes and clips on it, so it can hang on the same rod as the liner. Sophie LOVES laying under it when we are in the bathroom. I call this her "Wild Leopard" mode.

15) Since Saturday was a date day, we went to Maggiano's for lunch. We followed that up with a trip to Barnes and Noble (I got a Dahli Lama book), and to watch "Monuments Men" (end of WWII art recovery). We stopped by the mall near our house for cinnamon buns, but did a little light shopping too. I got new winter leggings (my old ones are worn out and have lost their fleece lining softness), a Buddha ring, and some stud earrings for Alex (mustaches and fruit). 

That is all for this week. Lots of creative stuff. I'll try to create tutorials for the sewing inspired jewelry, as I think that's something most people could create easily. Happy Makery!


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