STYLE ICON: Miss Piggy

I grew up watching The Muppet Show, The Muppet Babies and any of the Muppet movies available. Though out, Miss Piggy always shined. The Muppet Babies aside, she was fashionable and glamorous. Though she's beautiful, she's one tough pig! A good mix of class and sass. A few days ago, we saw their recent movie, Muppets Most Wanted, which inspired this post. To promote the previous movie, The Muppets, several designers created outfits for Miss Piggy. At the beginning of that movie, we see her working as a Vogue plus size editor in Paris, France. Of course she needed a chic wardrobe. This includes several pairs of Christian Louboutin kidding! The "Vague" cover photo shows her in a Vivienne Westwood bridal gown. Several of the photos in the collage and the ones for outfit recreations, are from those designer collaborations. I've enjoyed seeing the style of this character evolve over the years. I included a few video clips featuring Miss Piggy, at the bottom of this post. You can see the change in how her Muppet character is made, her hair, and clothing style, as the years have passed. Her personality stays the same. I'll always love her.

Miss Piggy at Paris Vogue from The Muppets.

Miss Piggy and Joan River's makeover scene from The Muppets Take Manhattan.

"Mad About the Frog" from The Muppet Show.

Pigs in Space from The Muppet Show.


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