Balmain's Fall Winter 2014 collection is inspired by safaris, with a heavy dash of bondage in there. The cargo pockets, olive green and leopard print remind me of trips to jungles far from here. The lacing, open knot work and restrictive shapes, remind me of constricting bondage. The two concepts are both interesting on their own, but together, it's a bit confusing. Don't get me wrong, I love both inspirations equally, but in order to make a bondage inspiration work with a more mundane inspiration, you need something under the open clothing. I've never understood the salable aspect of a show featuring expensive clothing and bare breasts. The unneeded "sex appeal" cheapens the otherwise interesting clothing. It's distracting from the details. The cut of this clothing is conservative, so the surprise nudity is odd. Anyway, this is a collection that mixes some past overdone trends...military and leopard with some new things...ropework and lacing. At least it's a valiant attempt to refresh the old trends. You can see the full collection in the runway show video at the bottom of this post.

To see the full collection, watch the runway show.


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