PARIS FASHION WEEK F/W 2014: Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen's Fall Winter 2014 collection was inspired by fairy tales and the concept of a wild woman. I loved these looks the most. A good portion of the collection had layers of fur, which was for the "wild woman" concept. The Alexander McQueen brand is known for it's drama, and this collection has elements that aren't for the average woman. It's hard to see the details of the collection, so I broke that down into a few, fabric, and beauty. I'm happy to see Doc Marten style boots with feminine and textural fabrics and details. I love the chunky grommets and velvet laces. I love the dewy ethereal makeup, but the thick brows are too much for me. They both have wild elements, though the hair is very controlled into tight circling braids. I'm enjoying seeing the fairy tale theme in several collections. They are giving me a lot of inspiration for my own wardrobe and projects.

To see the full collection, watch the runway show.


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