MILAN FASHION WEEK F/W 2014: Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana's Fall Winter 2014 collection, was inspired by fairy tales, medival tales, and steampunk. The fabrics are heavy on texture and embellishment. Keys, wildlife, stylized florals, and locks are prevalent through out the collection, keeping with the theme. The theme is something in other collections from Milan, so it's something to keep a look out for...a sweet and dark. The non-adorned clothing is thick and some textured fabrics, with shapes similar to knight's tunics. There are heavily beaded fingerless gloves and hoods reminicent of chainmail. There are intricate shoes and bags too. Since a lot of those details are hard to see in the 1st collage, take a look at the bags, shoes, and fabrics collages. To see the full collection, including the final beaded tunics and rompers for which I have no photos, watch the runway show at the end of this post.

To see the full collection, watch the runway show.


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