HOLIDAY: DIY Valentine Jewelry

I've been busy making some Valentine's jewelry, which I'll post tutorials for. Recently, I've seen some great love inspired jewelry, and thought you all would enjoy these great tutorials. The best gift is always something from the heart.

1) Minted Strawberry - Faceted Heart Charm
2) Craft Klatch - String Heart Pendant
4) That's What Che Said - Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklace
5) Little Bit of Sunshine - Beaded Heart Necklace
6) Heidi Borchers on Fav Crafts - Heart Shrink Plastic Necklace
7) The Sewing Rabbit - Leather Geometric Heart Necklace
8) I Try DIY - Hex Nut Pendant
9) H is for Handmade - Love Script Necklace
10) Henry Happened - Paperclip Heart Earrings
11) I Spy DIY - Heart Ring
12) I Spy DIY - Heart Bracelet


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