ACCESSORIES TUTORIAL: Paper Roses Earrings and Hair Clips

Earlier this week, I saw these pretty Paper Flowers on Jaderbomb that she'd made fancy magnets, suction cups, and paper clips with. With accessory design always on my mind, I instantly thought they would be great for earrings and hair clips. When we got back from our trip, I went to Michaels to scope out the selection. There are lots of colors of roses available, but these black and cream ones will get the most use for me. They are $2 for 12 paper roses (4 patterns in each pack). I found these in the dollar aisle of our store, but Jade said she found hers in the dollar section near the registers. For mine, I added I made two pairs of earrings (polka dots and damask), and four clips. Very easy to do. You could use these for different projects too, but remember they are a bit delicate because they are paper (cardstock stiffness) roses. If you don't want to buy pre-made flowers ($2 is a really good deal), you can make your own. I have no info on how to do that, because obviously I happily went the pre-made route.

  • Small paper roses - Mine are from a $2 pack of 12 from Michaels
  • E6000 glue - My favorite glue. It's strong and great for many projects. You can find it at craft stores
  • Post earring blanks - Get ones with a large glue pad/circle for sturdy earrings. The packs normally come with posts and backs. You can get these at a craft store
  • Baby alligator clips - These are the smallest kind of alligator clips, at 20 mm long. I buy mine on Etsy from Buzy Bee Shop. I used black for the black roses and silver for the cream roses. They fit nicely under the small flowers and almost hid in your hair when wearing them. I prefer alligator clips over other hair clips, because they work well in many hair types


1) When you look at the pack of flowers, you will notice each flower has a little foam circle adhered to the back. Gently pull this off the flowers you want to use. I left my foam circles on the packaging, in case I wanted to use them for a different project.

2) For the earrings, I applied E6000 glue in a nice thick layer onto the back of the post circle. Carefully place the circle onto the center back of the flower. Wiggle it around a bit to make sure it's on there well and centered. Place the flower upside down on your work surface, while it's drying.

3) For the clips, I applied E6000 glue in a nice thick layer onto the back of the alligator clip. The back is where the teeth are and normally is the flat side. I made sure to get enough glue on either end of the back, so it would adhere well along the curve of the flower. Gently press the clip back onto the center flower back and wiggle into place. Place the flower upside down on your work surface, while it's drying.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the other flowers you want to make into earrings and hair clips.

4) Let the project dry for a few hours before wearing. It will take 24-28 hours before the glue fully cures. When putting on the flowers, be gentle with the paper. They are made from a stiff paper, but paper is still a bit delicate. You shouldn't wear these in the rain, while working out, or submerge them in water. That is only because they are paper, not because of the clips or earrings.

Hopefully my project and Jade's have inspired you to look at paper flowers as something more useful than just for scrapbooking, wreaths, and decorations. You can use the same concept for many small and light weight objects. Since learning about the power of E6000, I've been making a lot of funky accessories and always look at small objects thinking "How can I make this wearable?". Have fun with it! I have four paper roses left over (2 black and 2 cream) which I'll use for another project.


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