WEEK IN REVIEW: January 19-25

Last week, we got snow, and it stuck around until yesterday. Since we don't get snow often enough for removal to be quick, school was closed for the week. I managed to get a few projects done while entertaining my daughter...she's old enough to entertain herself, but is instant on my constant attention. I made her work on a school project and read a lot, so I could be semi-productive.

1) Sunday, my husband had to work in DC, so Alex joined me at band practice. Afterwards, we went to Galaxy Dinner in Carytown for lunch and milkshakes.

2) Tuesday, I started working on draping a deconstructed vest for a League of Space Pirates costume.

3) Wednesday, I worked on sewing the vest, with the supervision of Sophie. The cats like to sit on the table while I sew, and brush by me. Sometimes they sit behind me and watch me.

4) Wednesday, Alex played outside, making a snow angel and little snow blob people. The snow was too powdery to make good snowmen.

5) Thursday, I worked on finishing up my vest, until my sewing machine locked up. I couldn't finish the raw edge of one armhole, but everything is sewn together otherwise. By hand sewing, I added strips of black fabric to the shoulders and spikes. We bought a new machine yesterday, and it should arrive in a couple days...yay Amazon prime!

6) Thursday, my ring bases arrived. I made a few spiked rings to demonstrate on the next League of Space Pirates episode 2: Infestation.

7) Thursday and Friday, I worked on making a chain harness to wear on Saturday for the episode. I ended up not being able to wear it during the recording, due to come construction issues after wearing it for a few hours. Disappointing. These sort of jewelry projects are tricky. I used an old black multi-chain necklace to construct most of it. I'll rework it and share it in a different post.

8) Saturday, I chose to wear red eyeshadow, using a little black and silver for shading and highlighting the eyes. My lips have black lipstick, black lip gloss, and silver black glitter eyeshadow. I made silver glitter streaks in my hair, but they didn't show up on camera very well.

9) Saturday evening, we had our 2nd episode live from our space ship. If you missed the broadcast, you can see the recorded one on Ustream.

That's all for last week. Not shown are the many Pre-Fall 2014 collections and designer inspired outfits that I posted about.


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