JEWELRY TUTORIAL: Lace Applique Necklace

While I was looking through my box of millinery supplies for lace appliques, I found some small ones that were like fancy triangles. I decided to use one and the remaining black chain from an old necklace, to make a simple new necklace. This is a great beginners project. You can use this to attach anything with jump rings and chain. You could do this with a longer lace applique, a pendant or anything lightweight and semi-flat.

If you wanted this to be sparkly, you can sew on beads and sequins, glue on jewels and crystals, or adhere glitter. I like this small applique without sparkles.


  • 1 Black lace applique - I bought mine on Etsy several years ago. This concept would be great with a yoke, long piece, or small one. Take a look in the "Craft Supplies" section of Etsy for "lace appliques" and you're sure to find something suitable for a necklace
  • 3 Black jump rings - I make my own by wrapping thick but flexible craft wire around a dowel rod into a spring like coil, and cutting even rings off with small wire clippers. Much faster, easier, and cheaper than buying ready made ones
  • Black chain - Mine was reused from an old necklace. You can buy black chain on Etsy, as it's not normally sold in craft stores. I wish it was! You need enough to go around your neck to the ends of your applique. If you have a longer applique that wraps around your neck, vs dangling like mine, you will need less chain. For a dangling applique (or pendant) you will need enough to go around your neck plus a few inches for length adjustment. The chain links need to be big enough for you to easily clasp a lobster clasp to
  • 1 Black lobster clasp - I prefer lobster claps to spring clasps because they are stronger and easier to open. I bought mine on Etsy
  • 2 Jewelry pliers - I love using my round nose and angled flat pliers for jewelry projects. I use the two-plier method for jump rings, as it's easier to work with them than just my fingers
  • Wire cutters - I use little ones meant for jewelry
  • A fabric tape measure - For measuring the chain and applique if needed


1) Looking at your applique, decide where you want to put your jump rings. I placed mine near the center point. I could have put them near the opposite end.

2) Using the two-plier method, add a jump ring to both places where you want them. Leave one open

3) Add the end of the chain to the open jump ring. Using the two-plier method, close the jump ring. This jump ring should now have one end of the chain and the applique on it.

4) While looking in a mirror, hold the applique up to your neck, and drape the chain around the back of your neck till it meets the other jump ring. Adjust the length to where you want the necklace to sit on your neck. Pinch that end of the chain with your fingers, and remove the necklace from your neck.

5) While still holding that part of the chain, lay the necklace flat. Bring that part of the chain over the meet the one that is attached to the applique. Straighten out the chain section, so it's folded in half.

6) At the center point of the chain section, use the wire cutters, to cut through a chain link. This will free part of the chain from the spool.

7) Using the measuring tape, measure that length of chain that you just cut.

8) Using the measuring tape and the spool of chain, measure a length of chain equal to the first plus 2-3 inches for an adjustable necklace. Use the wire cutters to cut through the chain link at the end of the measurement. This will free a longer section of chain from the spool of chain. You won't need the spool of chain, wire cutters, or measuring tape anymore for this necklace.

9) Slip one end of the longer length of chain onto the open jump ring on the applique. Using the two-plier method, close the jump ring.

10) Slip an open jump ring onto the other end of the shorter length of chain. While it's still open, slip on the lobster clasp.

11) Using the two-plier method, close the jump ring.

You should be able to easily clasp the necklace onto your neck and adjust it in length if desired. Some pendants and objects look better with just one jump ring or with a simple chain. I'll cover than in a different tutorial, as they are both nice simple options for pendants and focal beads. That's all for this tutorial. Hopefully it made sense to you. If you need any clarification, feel free to ask int the comments. Happy makery!


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