WEEK IN REVIEW: December 22-28

The week of Christmas was a busy week for us. Alex had 3 sleepovers, so John and I got a lot of time together. We exchanged a lot of gifts. I wrote a roundup of tutorials about upcycling sweaters into great wearable accessories...and a rainbow coat. I finished up creating the tutorial for the Upcycled Bike Tube Earrings. I sniffed a lot of books, and ate a lot of delicious food...followed by a couple days of salad. Below the collage is a breakdown of our week.

1) Sunday, we had dinner at Mekong with my sister in law and her family. This was our Christmas gift to my sister in law and her boyfriend. I tried to get the girls to take a nice photo, but alas, they wanted a wacky face photo. I'll save this for their weddings. Alex left with them for an impromptu sleepover.

2) Since John and I were kid free for most of Monday, we had a leisurely day. We had a fancy lunch at Magianno's, using giftcards John got from work. We were on the hunt for a Christmas Eve outfit for Alex. We finally found one at Target, where we ran into our niece's dad and chatted for a bit.

3) While I had some kid free time, I caught up on some YouTube subscriptions. I watched a Sweater Bracelets Tutorial video by Debi's Design Diary. Inspired by that, I put together UPCYCLING: 25 Ways to Reuse Old Sweaters.

4) For Christmas Eve, we celebrate at my parent's house. John and I got some neat cooking appliances and Mekong gift certificates. I got a backup memory for my computers! Alex got a variety of gifts, including a mini electric guitar.

5) On Christmas morning, my little family exchanges gifts. Alex got craft, science, and magic kits, a huge tub of Legos, books, clothes, jewelry, bath stuff, and journal making supplies. John gave me skull jewelry, inspiring books, Hellboy 2, and a big eyeshadow palette for costume makeup. He has a couple of presents in route. I'll share those when they arrive.

6) For John's present, Alex and I picked out something together. Not shown is the inspirational poster that reminded us of his positive wisdom he shares. Shown is the big present. I've been documenting our lives together since Alex was a baby. I don't have all the photos (stuck on old computers), but I had a few thousand available to work with. The chosen photos are all of John and Alex, except one. The center one includes me, only because it was taken by a stranger in August on Myrtle Beach, SC. Another has our nieces too. I'll probably print out a lot more once I rescue them all from the old computers.

7) We had spent the remainder of Christmas day between my parents and John's parents houses. Alex spent the day after going through presents. She spend every day since working on her rubber band bracelet looms (she got 2 different looms) and a huge tub of Legos. Later Thursday, we took her to see Saving Mr. Banks, which is about how Mary Poppins was turned into a Disney movie from a series of books.

8) Friday, Alex went over to a friend's house for a sleepover, so John and I cleaned a bit. I worked on reorganizing this bookcase (this is just the top half) to accommodate several new books. Later we went to a late lunch at Sedona, followed by a light dinner with a couple friends and their daughter. In between meals, we sniffed and bought 3 books at Books-A-Million. We got Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, and Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin. The bookcase contents got shuffled around some more to remove duplicates (abridged books that were replaced with full copies) and add our many new science books.

9) Alex had a 2nd sleepover at her Aunt's house, so I finished working on the tutorial for these earrings. If you saw the League of Space Pirates Episode 1: No Winter in Space, you saw me demonstrate how to make Upcycled Bike Tube Earrings. However, black project against a black outfit in dark lighting, doesn't show up well. These earrings were surprisingly easy to make. I remade one for this tutorial and it took me about 5 minutes. You could make a lot of different earrings quickly for very little cost.


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