WEEK IN REVIEW: December 15-21

I work on a lot of craft projects and do a lot of fun things throughout the week. I normally only share finished projects, but I know you all enjoy the design process and sneak peeks. I decided to start doing "Week in Review" posts, when I can. That way you all know what I've been up to through out the week. This is especially handy if you notice I haven't posted much, because it means I'm busy working on projects. These photos are from my Instagram and Facebook.

1) Sunday night, we took our nieces and daughter to Sedona Taphouse for dinner. Afterwards, we went to Sweet Frog for dessert. The girls had a sleepover together Saturday night, so we figured this was a nice chance to spend some time with them.

2) I was busy sewing during the week. My cats like to check in on me while I sew. They love sitting on the table and supervising my work. This is Pippi my "Fat Bottom Girl".

3) Alex and I worked on Christmas ornaments using a few glitter tutorials I'd seen. This was half a failed project...as 3 ornaments never dried, had to be washed out, and will be redesigned. 3 of them turned out decent. They are presents for family and friends. The 3 for family will be the ones that turned out nicely, as Christmas is next week. Friend ones will have to come later.

4) My Camellia bush bloomed. It blooms twice a year, during cold weather. Wacky plant, but I love it and it's perfect for us. Totally low maintenance and a hearty plant.

5) I finished working on my costume for the League of Space Pirates live broadcast. I love making new costumes and trying out new ideas, so this was the perfect time to show off my skills. I made a bustle, silver leg tubes, a crop top, and a vest.

6) For the band event, I had to make a craft. I went to a local bike shop, Agee's Bicycles and they gave me an broken bike tube for free. I cut it up and made several pairs of earrings. I demonstrated the 5th pair on the show, and will post a tutorial this week. The other 4 are designs I saw on Etsy and in tutorials. The 5th one is my own design.

7) I finally got around to painting Rusty's Nerf Hornet gun. I had bought these huge double/locking Nerf guns over the summer, at an open flea market, for $5. John finally got them apart with some WD-40. This is just the initial paint job. There is lots of detail work to go.

8) Friday night, John and I went to Fallout to see Voltaire play. He was hilarious and fantastic. This is the makeup look I wore. I recolored my hair a dark red earlier in the day. No bleach this time. Rethinking how I want to do the color, so I wanted a dark clean color to start with. My hair grows quickly, so I need a color and concept that is easier to work with.

9) Saturday night, League of Space Pirates had their 1st live broadcast! We worked on the set through the end of Summer and all of Fall. I'm not going to tell you exactly what the set is made of, but it's all reused materials, and a lot of paint. The broadcast went great. If you missed it, you can SEE THE RECORING HERE!. We'll have monthly broadcasts. We have a lot of music and antics to share.


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