HOLIDAY: DIY Christmas Pickle

Only 4 more days till Christmas Eve. If you are like my family, you open your gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. Traditionally for us, Santa was the only gift giver on Christmas Day. My husbands family has their celebration on Christmas Day only. My little family participates in both of those celebrations, but we exchange non-wrapped gifts on Christmas morning. That was a concept that links back to my mom, who when playing Santa, laid all our non-wrapped presents out across the couches and floor...separated per kid.

The decorations are up, but for my parents one of their favorite decorations to add on Christmas Eve, is a Christmas pickle. Perhaps you've heard of it, but in case you haven't, it's an odd decoration. A Christmas pickle is a pickle ornament that is hidden inside the tree. The kid who finds it, gets an extra present or prize. It's just something to add more fun to the celebration. Nothing religious about it and that works better for our celebration style anyway.

One of my friends, Twinkie Chan, recently crocheted herself a Christmas Pickle, within 24 hours of finding out about them. I figured there must be some tutorials to make your own. Surprisingly, there aren't a lot. I suppose that means more people need to know about the Christmas pickle! Here are the four that I found. If you can't crochet, knit, or sew, there are glass Christmas pickles available in most holiday shops. Go get one for a little bit more holiday fun! Don't forget to get or make a little prize for the winner!

1) Fresh Stitches - Crocheted Christmas Pickle


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