For the 8th day of the 30 day drawing challenge, on Creative Challenges, the theme was "Secret Weapon". I thought about this concept for a while and asked others what they thought mine would be. My husband said cookies. That man does love cookies. He also included my vanilla sugar bathwash (which reminds us of sugar cookies) and craft supplies. My mom and a couple friends listed craft supplies. That's what I had been pondering. So, I used a right brain (the creative half) diagram as a reference. I started by sketching it within a fleshy head, but it didn't feel right. Of course the better thing to contain my creative brain in a skull. For some reason, I like how I draw skulls better without a jaw than with, so I chose to use one without a jaw. Keeping in mind the size of the real brain separations, I placed the various crafty things that I use the most often. The squished word at the top is TIME. I'm terrible with keeping track of time. I have alarms on my phone and a very organized calendar, so I don't forget certain things. However, my sense of time is sorely lacking and I can get so involved with creative stuff that I forget about other hanging out with friends and managing household things. LOGIC is the brain stem, because that leads to the rest of my body. I personally think I'm pretty logical, but I can also be lackadaisical about certain "important" things in favorite of something more creative. Glad most people are understanding of this mindset. I do what I can. I might frame this one and hang it in my new studio...when ever I get around to finishing it. It's not like I've been working on that extremely slowly for 2 years.


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