CREATIVE CHALLENGES: Day 4 - Black and White

For the 4th day of the 30 day drawing challenge, on Creative Challenges, the theme was "Black and White". I chose to draw a fairy lounging on a toadstool. I sketched most of it, and then inked it with various pens from my pack of Faber Castell pens. I normally do a combo of ink and water color or colored pencils, which helps with shading. Since this was black and white only, it was a challenge to keep it high contrast and still include some shading. Perhaps I should have left out the shading, as it was more trouble than it was worth. I used to draw a lot of fairies, to play with body positions. Then, I began drawing more skulls, to learn anatomy and working with a real object. For the drawing challenge, I wanted to experiment with other subjects, including some old favorites. I might create a few more fairies, as the challenges progress.


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