CREATIVE CHALLENGES: Day 3 - Why I’m afraid to go in the ocean

For the 3rd day of the 30 day drawing challenge, on Creative Challenges, the theme was "Why I’m afraid to go in the ocean". I chose to draw a jellyfish, using this photo as a reference. I've had a few minor stings from jellyfish, but I still go into the water. For jellyfish, I'm scared of this particular kind, but I'm never in water deep enough. What I'm actually scared of is large waves and thin peninsulas. I've had terrible reoccurring dreams for years of huge typhoon waves crashing on a peninsula, and drowning everyone. I'm a good swimmer, but the idea of drowning is what scares me the most. A pool is one thin, but mother nature's powerful waters can be unpredictable. I'm more often sitting on the beach, reading a book, than in the water.


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