There is a 30 day drawing challenge going on with the Facebook group, Creative Challenges. I'm on day 5, but I'm making separate posts for each of my previous and future drawings. There are different themes for each day. I just purchased a scanner (Black Friday online shopping!), but haven't hooked it up yet. That might happen some time this week or weekend. Until then, I have to photograph the drawings and adjust them using PicMonkey, so they aren't so greyed out. This makes the drawing not look as nice as it does in person. Sorry about that. I'll scan and repost all the drawings after the scanner is hooked up. Ok, enough explanation about the challenge and photos.

Day 1 was Halloween, but since I draw skulls (Halloween themes) through out the year, I decided to finish up a drawing that I'd started on Thanksgiving. This is a turkey skull that I drew using this photo as a guide. I intended on turning this into a watercolor painting, but decided since the challenge was drawing, to shade it with pencil. Honestly, painting would have looked better.


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