BEAUTY: Because Who Is Perfect?

To me, everyone is beautiful. No matter the difference, the beauty will always be there. The concept of perfection is a disillusion. No one is perfect, and they shouldn't strive to be. They should strive to be the best version of themselves, and a lot of that is accepting non-perfection. My body type isn't represented in stores. Shopping is difficult. I have a small curved in chest, because of
pectus excavatum. Seeing it in the mirror is one thing, but in photos, xrays, and other scans, it's more apparent to me, but not in a bad way. In a curious way. You all know that I love bones, and it's because of my bone deformities, that I became fascinated with them. I have waist and hips that are one size larger than my chest. I also have scoliosis, which curves inward at the bottom of my spine, and shifts off center between my shoulder blades. I have Marfan Syndrome, and with it, longer arms than my height (they should be equal). My shoulders are broad and my ribcage is actually large, even considering that part of it bends in. There are some other things too, but we are discussing bones today.

For shopping, separates are ok, though tops are much more difficult than bottoms. Dresses are a challenge. You can see why I pursued a degree in fashion design and have been sewing for so long. Also, a huge reason why I love Betsey Johnson's clothing, is that the dresses fit me perfectly! Finding something with a chest a size smaller than the waist and hips, and sleeves long enough to fit, is always available in her line. It's their standard sizing. However, though I manage to find clothing, it's not always as easy for others. I can disguise my shape with clothing, though I tend to show off my chest (have you see the tattoos) more than hide it. The tattoos are my way of forcing people to see my chest for it's beauty, as I have. I'm writing all of this, because of seeing this video that a dear friend shared this morning. I was moved to tears seeing these beautiful people and their gift of seeing their bodies represented in stores. You must watch it. Perhaps it will make you see the beauty in differences, if you don't already.


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