SHOE MAKEOVERS - Studs, Spikes, and Chains

I've recently seen a lot of great shoe makeover tutorials, featuring studs, spikes, and chains. I thought this would be a great time to continue my Shoe Makeover series by including these great options. Taking existing or inexpensive shoes and giving them a makeover, is a great way to update old styles and simple shoes into something special. The skill levels vary.

The danger level varies too. Remember, if you are using studs or spikes that pierce or screw into the fabric, make sure to back them with something soft like felt, micro suede, leather, or velvet. Otherwise the metal bits inside the shoes will tear up your feet. You can attach the protective fabric with glue or stitching, depending on the fabric of your shoes. Ok, enough of that. Time for the 18 tutorials!

I started with studs, because they are the easiest to add. Depending on the type of stud. Some can be glued on with E6000 and some have prongs requiring piercing of the fabric. Which ever you choose, they can instantly give your shoes some sparkle and edge.

1) A Beautiful Mess - Studded Converse

Similar to studs, some of these can be glued, and some need to be screwed. There is a sew on type too. Keep in mind the fabric and height of the studs. They can be hard to wear if they are too long, as they wobble and can scratch you. Wearer beware. You can mix them with studs and gems...or chains too. That just depends on how simple or complex you want the embellishment to be.

7) A Lovely Little Deer - Spiked Flats

Chain add instant glam and toughness to these shoes. You can add them to boots, flats, or heels. You can upcycle old necklace or use new chain. How you attach them depends on your look. Just be mindful of the length of the chain, if you do choose to drape is long. You don't want to trip over it while strutting. No broken bones in the name of fancy shoes!

14) Mr. Kate - Chain Boots
15) The Dressy Chick - Chain Ankle Straps for Heels
16) Becoming Elizabeth - Chain Heels
17) Mark Montano - YSL Chain Boots
18) Park and Cube - Chain Tassel Heels

Hopefully these shoes strike your fancy and you try out the tutorials for your own version. If you prefer something easily removable, try one of these Temporary Additions. For something more artistic, Paint Them! Have some shoes that need a full makeover, try a Covering with Fabric, Lace, and Paper. There is one more tutorial round up coming in this series. Something sparkly for the holidays...or year round.

You can pin any of the above images to save individual sectioons, for reference. However, to save all of these great ideas, PIN THIS IMAGE!


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