SHOE MAKEOVERS: Glitter, Gems, and Sequins

I saved the sparkly shoe makeovers for last, in this series of tutorials. For those of you who appreciate a little glimmer and glam in your life, these makeovers are a great way to transform any shoe into something a special. I included a variety of shoe styles and sparkle placement, so you can see the various possibilities.  There are 21 different tutorials. You can mix up the techniques and supplies to create your own sparkly version. Enough intro...onto the shoes!


A little glue and glitter is the recipe for these fabulous shoes. Ok, maybe some other things too. These ladies (myself included) show off their uses of glitter on their shoes. There are a variety of supplies and techniques, and all are great. Which ever you choose, make sure to seal the glitter, so it doesn't flake off. I recommend Mod Podge Gloss for this, as it keeps the glitter shiny, and seals it well! Chunky glitter deflects light the best, but fine glitter can look more crisp. Experiment to figure out what works best for you!

1) Trinkets in Bloom - Glitter Shoes
2) Glitter N Glue - Glittery Soles
3) Nichole Beaudry on She KnowsGlitter Heart Flats


The bedazzled creations have a lush feel. They look high priced, even though they are hand embellished. This is the power of gems. Even inexpensive plastic ones can make something plain into something fancy. These all use some type of glue, so the results are instant. These give you the ability to play with designs and mix up which jewels you use. You can restrict the sparkle to sections, or cover the full shoe. I hope these tutorials expand your mind on how gems can be used to embellish any shoes.

12) Margot Potter on I Love to Create - Candy Crush Sandals


Sequins can seem daunting to use, since they are little and flimsy. Use a pair of tweezers to handle loose ones, and you'll have control. You can use trims, individuals, or mix them with any of the above sparkle options. Since they have holes, I recommend painting the section you are putting them on, the same color as the sequins. That way the holes are visually filled, and the statement is stronger. You can even use a base of glitter first, which will intensify the sparkle power. You can use all one color, or a mix. I love the simple ones as much as the mixed sparkle ones. These are a great way to cover old damaged or dated shoes, with something artfully glimmery.

16) Momtastic - Sequin Shoe Clip
17) Glitter N GlueSequin Cap Toe Flats
18) Simply Albany - Sequin Pumps
19) Love Maegan - Dolce and Gabbana Gold Jewel Embellished Shoes
20) Three Years of DeathSequin Heels (with glitter and gems too)
21) Stripes and Sequins - Striped Sequined Sneakers


If you want to Pin only certain sections for reference, pin the related collage from above. You can pin individual shoes, by following the related link to the creator's tutorial. If you want to save ALL of the tutorials for reference, PIN THIS IMAGE!

That's all for this series of shoe makeovers. If you missed the others, follow the below links to their related roundups. You can mix up the techniques between all the roundups. I recommend looking at all the shoe makeover roundups, just to expand your ideas for giving old or plain shoes new life. There are many more tutorials on the internet. These are just the ones I rounded up to show you a variety of uses for the 3 different sparkly materials. Have a sparkly day!


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