COSTUME: Elvira Mistress of the Dark

This morning, I was looking through my YouTube subscription emails, and saw a Elvira makeup tutorial by Cherry Dollface. I've seen Elvira's movies and B-movie hosting, but apparently never noticed that her makeup is so bright. Not sure how I missed that. Inspired by her tutorial and a few other ones (I'll link/embed the videos and photos below), I decided to create a costume for her. This is a costume that might require some altering of existing clothing pieces. Her neckline is low, slit high, and hems tattered. These are things easily done with scissors. Knits are probably the best fabrics, if you don't want to hem the edges of the cut areas. Use double stick tape, or fashion tape to secure the edges of the neckline to your bust line. Not sure how to handle the boob situation, since I have small boobs. I'll let you figure it out. I couldn't find a good usable photos of her dagger, so this is an athame from Charmed. This is something you can DIY...paint a toy dagger and use E6000 to attach plastic jewels.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark

This is the Elvira Makeup Tutorial by Cherry Dollface, that inspired me to create the above costume.

This is a nice Elvira makeup guide by Makeup Geek, that shows where to apply the different makeup products. She also has written instructions on how to create this look.

This Elvira Halloween Makeup Tutorial by MissChievous (Julia Graf) uses the above guide. If you are a visual person, then watch the video to learn how to apply this makeup look.


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