BOOTS: Knee High

I was going to do separate posts for each style...riding, combat, wedge, and stiletto, but that was going to become multiple posts on basically the same subject. The adornments on these are all similar...mostly buckles, but some studs, and buttons too. They should all have side zippers, regardless if they lace up or not. As for the differences in the styles, that is the lacing and heel style. The riding and wedge boots don't have the lacing that the combat and stiletto boots do have. The riding and combat boots have low to no heels. The wedge and stiletto boots have high heels. If you want a high heeled boot that is comfortable, the combat and wedge styles are the best. There are some combat boots that have tall chunky heels, though I only selected one. The stiletto boots are actually more than a stiletto style heel. I included a chunky and cone heel options. The fabrics are normally real or faux leather and suede, but there are velvets and stretch fabrics too.

I have small calves, that normally don't fit well with the riding and wedge boots, because I can't cinch them tight with lacing. I need lacing with my boots, for a nice fit. Buckles can also help cinch in boots to help they fit nicely. You don't want boots that you have to keep adjusting throughout the day. You want ones that stay put. For length, you want the top of the boots to be under your knee by about an inch, so it doesn't rub your knee joint as you walk or sit. Though you want a snug fit, you don't want them to be so tight that your skin is pinched. This will restrict your circulation in your legs, and could cause problems with walking and feeling in your legs. Since the toes of these are enclosed, as boots should be, if you need more padding, you can easily use an insole insert like Dr. Scholl's.

For socks, I recommend tall ones. You can tuck them to end right under the top of the boot if you don't want the socks to show. If you do, pull them up or scrunch them at the top. Sock Dreams carries a large variety of great knee high to thigh high socks that would work great with these boots. They also carry many tights that would be thick enough to be worn without socks. They carry other goodies too, so take a look around their shop. If you have cold weather, you can layer your socks or socks over thick tights...or both. Sock Dreams has a great selection of prints and solids that will fill that layering need. They have great service and free shipping. Target has a nice long sock section, and some trendy teenage-20s shops tend to carry long socks. I'm a fan of printed ones, but I do have a few pairs of black socks, to wear if I don't want the socks to stand out.

For styling, these boots are a standard. You can wear them with a wide range of things. For skinny jeans, tuck them into the boots. For flared and boot cut, put the jeans over the boots...though go with a slim boots to do that, so there aren't lumps under your jeans from details like buckles and studs. For skirts and dresses, from mini to maxi these work nicely. If you want to show off boot details, make sure the hem ends before the boot starts. Also, this lessens the chance your clothing will catch on the buckles and studs. For unadorned styles, you can wear clothing that goes past the top of the boot. My go-to boots are unadorned combat style boots with a chunky heel and black flat canvas boots (knee high sneakers). Those get worn with a large variety of things. For fancy boots that are reserved for clubs, and League of Space Pirates things, like this music video, I have a few PVC ones from Pleaser that have lacing and buckles. I tend to wear those with mini skirts, because that's my personal preference.

Knee high boots are a good investment piece. A well made pair will last you for decades, so make sure you chose a style you know will get a lot of use for many years. Fashion should be fun. It's basically playing dress up, but with better items.


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