HATS: Personalized Sunhats

With Summer here, full of long hot days, we need to protect our skin from the sun. There are many ways to do this. Sun screen lotion is the most common, and can protect our skin from burning. However, adding a sunhat can protect both your skin and your eyes from the harsh rays. I love vintage fashions, so I have several sunhats. The wider the brim, the better for me. I have delicate pale skin that burns easily. I tend to wear long dresses, and cardigans which protect most of my body. A sunhat protects my face, neck, and shoulders. Most sunhats I find are solid colors and neutrals without much detail. They can be boring sometimes. Since they are so basic and large, they are easy to personalize and transform into something special. I've been working on painting two plain sunhats. I've already finished one, and provide the tutorial for my Mexican Floral Sunhat. I'm finishing up the Cherry one and will also provide a tutorial on my blog.

You can find sunhats at many trendy shops, department stores, and inexpensive shops like Dollar Tree and Five Below. However, like normal for tutorial round ups like this, I always like to start with the basics before embellishments. The two types of basic ways to make sunhat...sewing and crocheting...are also able to be personalized. You can easily pick out various cotton fabrics and yarns to customize the hats. The other tutorials are for store bought hats, but for some of them you can use the self made hats. Ok, on with the tutorials.

Sewing a hat can be tricky. It's definitely something that requires some pattern making and sewing knowledge. Making your own hat allows you to control the fabric, size, shape and brim width.

Another way to make a basic hat is crocheting it. Crocheting a hat is an advanced skill. If you are really good at following crochet instructions and shaping crochet work while creating it, give either of these patterns a try. Just like sewing a sunhat, you can control the yarn/fiber, color, stitch size, hat size, shaping, and brim size.

Working with an existing straw hat, these ladies altered theirs by cutting and reshaping them. The Dreamstress' alteration takes a lot of time and patience, but would be a fun challenge. Life in Mod's alteration is simpler, and reminds me fedora, but a more feminine version.
5) How to turn a straw sunhat into an 18th century bergĂ©re by The Dreamstress

I find that paint one of the easiest ways to quickly transform many things. These hats all started out plain and were transformed into special hats.

If you like playing with dye, try using it to color a light neutral hat. The nice thing about dye, is that you can use it with a paint brush to control the placement. I might give dye a try, because I'm already brainstorming ideas.

Flowers and sunhats are a classic combo. Cathie's decoupage technique can easily be used on a straw sunhat. The other three tutorials show various ways to adorn your hat with fabric flowers.
15) Floral Cowgirl Hat by Cathie Filian
16) DIY Sun Hat by Sara December Rose
17) Spring Floral Hat by Behind the Seams
18) Floral Sun Hat by Laurel Pantin on Teen Vogue

For hats with a loose weave, try embellishing them with embroidery. I included the last one, because it has machine embroidery to attach the patches. The patches can be rectangles like show, but I think fabric appliques cut from bold printed fabrics would be great too.

Which ever way you chose to personalize your hats, make sure to protect your skin. Skin cancer and premature aging is never pretty. The negative effect of abusing your skin by tanning, aren't worth the darker color. Keep your skin color pretty and natural, and you'll stay healthier longer...which means more years to create things! Happy Makery!



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