DESIGN PROCESS: Paper Paintchips Pendants

This week, I've been playing with paper paintchips that I gathered from Lowes and Home Depot months ago. I've sliced up various combinations of colors and metallics, woven them on top of small rectangles black cardstock, and sealed them. It's still a work in progress, and I'm playing with other ideas too. I might do this with magazine articles too.

The boxes for the jewelry packaging arrived last week, so Monday I got busy with finishing up the jewelry packaging design by printing the box labels and inserts. The galaxy pendants will go into a local shop today. I'll also look at putting them into a few other local shops too.

Saturday, I broke out the silver and pewter metallic paint chips to make some layered pendants. I was just experimenting a bit. These were more tedious to make than I'd like them to be. I'll go back to this concept later.

I'm also working on a presentation for a wearable art workshop for Art 180. It's a local organization that exposes city kids to art by selecting various local artists to teach them. I work with a variety of mediums, but my favorite has been wearable art and upcycling clothing. Since it will likely be both girls and boys in a group, I'm thinking of unisex projects to teach them.

The photos are from my Instagram. Follow me there @theazurafae, if you haven't already.


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