OOTD: Mexican Rainbow Feista for LGBT Pride Month

Last week, I got back into my list of fashion items to make. I decided to make a Mexican rainbow ribbon skirt. This was good timing, since June is LGBT Pride month. It's also my birth month, and full of various celebrations of life and love. This post is about how I styled the skirt today, for a trip to the library. I will make a separate post for a little tutorial. It's an easy skirt to embellish, if you have patience and a sewing machine. Yep, it's another store bought item that I altered.

This skirt is so festive, it needs to be twirled in. Alex took the full outfit photos, so they aren't perfect, but are pretty good for a kid. It was a good thing I looked behind me, because ground bees started coming out of a small hole I was standing in front of.

Breaking down the rest of the outfit. The blouse is a vintage reproduction Mexican blouse I bought from Ebay years ago. It can stretch easily down off my shoulders with that lace piece at the top. I tucked it into my skirt, and pulled it out a bit for slight volume. I used a wide belt that is ruched with elastic and had a chrome slide closure. I forget where it's from, as I bought several stretchy wide belts around the same time, many years ago. I love it for odd cinching over layers of fabric, since it can flex easily. The edges are also ruffled from that stretchy ruching. My flats are the Sugar Shoes cotton maryjanes I recently started wearing often.

This purple spider daisy hair flower is one I made a couple years ago. The dangle earrings are black metal. They've probably been laser cut. They were from Rite-Aid. The green studs are squares with the gem (probably plastic) suspended with prongs, where you can see all sides of it. I bought them in a set for 6 pairs of earrings, from Charlotte Russe.

This is the better view of the belt.

I wore these two rings. The band is actually part of a set that is supposed to stack, but doesn't. It has little bumps evenly spaced around the band. The other ring is a faux stacking ring. I looks like 3 rings stacked together, but they are really fused or molded together. Both rings have the same metal finish and bump details, so they go well together.

That's all of the styling of this skirt. I'll get to the tutorial this week. I worked on a few other pieces last week too. I finished the jellyfish skirt, so there will be another outfit post about that. Probably no formal tutorial, as it was an experimental skirt, and I haven't done enough dyeing to explain why some of the effects occurred. I also started painting a sunhat to look like oilcloth Mexican flowers. I'll write a formal tutorial for this sunhat, and the other one I'll paint, as many people own sunhats and might want to personalize them with paint.


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