OOTD: Layers of Black

Today, John took off, so we could do some family stuff. Alex is off of school due to Memorial Day. I make my own schedule, and am happy to take the day off too...well except for writing this. This week I'm prepping to leave for Chicago, IL for the Skull Appreciation Day 2013 (Our 3rd one! Go us!) Face Off show at the International Museum of Surgical Sciences. John and I are taking a road trip from Richmond, VA to Chicago, IL, and back. We're meeting Noah, his wife, their daughter, and Justin, one of our other Skull-A-Day co-editors there. Should be a great weekend. I'm looking forward to it! Instead of working on multiple projects this week, I'm focusing on getting everything together and packed, so we can leave. This is mostly just a bit of laundry, gathering of outfits, makeup, and electronics. Also, making sure the kid and the cats have what they need...a handy set of grandparents, and a friend to check in on the cats.

Today, we were going to the pool, until I realized that the water would be too cold for my bikini wearing body, though of course kids don't care. Parents are the picky ones in this case. We canceled that activity and lounged around the house till noon. Then, we got ready and went to see Epic at our favorite movie theater. We relaxed at the house for a bit, before meeting friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Got some cute baby snuggles. Now, I'm relaxing at home with Alex, as we watch Para Norman on Netflix.

On to the outfit, as I enjoy Sophie snuggling my leg.

I bought this high low jersey knit skirt in March while in Massanutten. I hadn't worn it yet, because I've been waiting for the weather to get warmer. I decided to wear the skirt with some leggings.

On top, I'm wearing a loose jersey knit tank top with an embroidered ribbon bib of flowers. I've had this tank for years. The cropped vest hide a lot of that bib detail, but the straps and neckline peek out a bit. The vest cinches in the tank a bit. Both of those tops are a racer back style, but not in a traditional way. Over these tops, I wore a loose jersey knit cardigan that has front pleated details and rolled cuffs. I forget where I bought these tops. The tank is possibly Forever 21, but the other two are likely TJ Maxx or a similar shop. I've had them all for years. Oddly, the two tops used to be my go-to theme park tops. I don't enjoy most rides. I love shows and nature.

Close up of the vest and tank embroidery details.

I was looking for my skeleton print leggings, when I came across these old leggings with side zippers, that I had bought many years ago on Ebay. I figured they would work nicely, because even though they are also black, the sheen of them gives a bit of contrast...and of course the zippers do too. If I wear them with heels, I normally unzip them a bit at the ankles, so they fit better. The 1st photo is with me holding the skirt back to show off the zippers. The 2nd photos shows what they look like without me holding my skirt. I'm wearing the same flats as yesterday.

This is a Betsey Johnson bag from her old Betseyville line. I bought it at TJ Maxx some time last year. Though I love Betsey's designs. This particular one is a favorite because of the print. This is a shoulder bag style with lots of handy pockets. I love the addition of ruffles and box. Betsey's style is punky and girly. It's a great balance, and I love her large bags. The is the 4th one I own. 2 of them were gifts and 2 of them I purchased. All of them came from TJ Maxx and were under $50. Since that line doesn't exist (Due to the bankruptcy of her company...long story. Go look it up.) these will be hard to find at decent prices. Head to Ebay if you are looking to buy something from her old brand. She has a new one with Steve Madden. It's mostly accessories, bathing suits and outer wear, but other clothing is slowly being added. Watch XOX Betsey Johnson, if you want to know how that partnership is going. This particular pattern comes in a variety of bag types and color variations. There are a bevy of other prints, colors and styles too. Speaking of her bags, check out her new designs on her website. They are very fun and quirky! A few are total statement pieces!

This flower is one I made a few years ago, for my Catrina Halloween costume. However, this one is a favorite and gets a lot of wear. It's hand painted, including edging it with silver paint. It's hand sewn for sturdiness. You can also see a bit of the ribbon embroidery on the strap of my tank.

That's all for now. I have a lot of prep work...computer and packing...to do before we leave. Working on the computer part...Skull-A-Day blog posts...tonight.


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