OOTD: Baby Birthday Party

Saturday, Alex and I went to a birthday party for a sweet little girl, Claudia, who turned 1. I vividly remember holding her shortly after she was born, and have enjoy many more hours of snuggles since then. Since I knew this party would be full of other babies and toddlers, I decided to wear something comfortable. I chose the burgundy color of my favorite style of dress (I have 7 of them...they are that fantastic, and from Ebay). I love Mexican inspired clothing (real Mexican is great too), because of the details and style. This one has cinched cap sleeves and can be shifted off shoulder if I want to show off my tattoos more. Over that, I added a long striped draped cardigan. I get cold easily, and this rainy day was a bit chilly. For my hair, I wore a glittery red poppy that I made last year. For the necklace, I wore one of my new galaxy necklace. This one is one of two Sun Solar Flare necklaces that I made. It has my original watercolor artwork on it, and is constructed so it's sturdy using layers of other papers. I wore my normal trusty black flats. The drink I'm holding is a peach Lambic. It was delicious. I switched between raspberry and peach through out the day. This is drink #4, but I wasn't tipsy, just relaxed. Alex was in the garage with friends playing ping pong and blowing bubbles. I decided to blow some bubbles myself. I had a happy little man, Andrew, to help pop them. Alex took the photos of my, and a video. Head to the bottom to see the video.

Claudia was wearing a very fluffy tulle skirt. Elizabeth (her mom) held her up, because I had upset Claudia by trying to assist with her exploring. She was having trouble moving about in the skirt (which was making her frustrated), so Elizabeth took it off. Andrew, was curious about the skirt, so a friend of ours put it on him. Andrew loved it more than Claudia did. Nicely, it matched his Captain America t-shirt.

Claudia had stripped her skirt to indulge in some cake.

After a brief nap, she was ready to unwrap presents. She loved the fleece bear Alex and I made for her and gave it a big hug. I made her a peek-a-boo tulle skirt. I had seen this tutorial by Swarmy Clothes the day before, and made my own version of the skirt.

I had bought this lime green and black tulle about year ago, when Claudia was born, to make her a skirt. However, I never got around to doing that. I wish I had more of it, but since Claudia wasn't thrilled at the very poofy option, I'm glad I didn't buy more. You can never tell with babies though. I'm sure when she get taller, the tulle skirts won't hinder her at all. I'm a fan of patternless sewing, so this was definitely done that way. It's a semi-complicated gathered skirt with the tulle sewn in strips over the zebra print skirt, before I added the waist band. The waist band encases the raw edges, and is a casing for elastic.

Scott (Claudia's dad/Elizbeth's husband), treats the wild life very well in his back yard. The squirrels at their old house had been well trained with peanuts to the point where they would come up to us and ask for them. Those squirrels had no fear. I expected the squirrels at the new house to be conditioned the same way. We all amazed at the numerous happily jumping chipmunks in their back yard. When Scott threw out peanuts onto the grass a few times it was clear that this type of conditioning had worked on the chipmunks too. In addition to the plentiful peanuts, the chipmunks enjoyed the fallen seeds from the main bird feeder. This photos shows a chipmunk with a peanut shoved in it's mouth, to take back to it's home. Those cheeks are very expandable!

Alex was supposed to take photos of my blowing bubbles for Andrew, which she did. She also made this little video. My friend Mathew is describing how he was popping the bubbles when my daughter was blowing them.


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