MOVIES: The Great Gatsby

On Sunday, we took Alex to John's parents' house for a few hours. We went on a short date to Noodle & Co for lunch, and to the nearby movie theater to see The Great Gatsby. I read the book in high school, so I was familiar with the story, though I had forgotten some of it. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was an assigned book my in Junior year English class. John was unfamiliar with it because he took AP English, and I'm not sure he enjoyed the story as much as I did. I wanted to see it because I knew the costuming would be amazing. 

Prada, made some of the dresses for the party scenes. If you watch this video, you will see clips that show a burgundy fanned feather head piece. I plan on making this head piece to wear for League of Space Pirates performance. I love making dramatic millinery pieces, because of the stunning look and because it expands my abilities as an artist. I love the amazing costumes. The whole movie, I just took that all in, since I was already familiar with the story.

Screen capture of said feather headpiece.

If you love the jewelry from the movie, this is a close up look at it and a great explanation of why certain pieces were used.

I'm glad they paid attention to the details written about in the book, which helps bring the characters alive. The book is FULL of symbolism, so the touches of the dress covered in daisies, and the daisy signet ring are important to include. This video goes into depth about those costume details coming from the book.

This video explains how they mixed the fashions of historical time period and modern style.
Even if you aren't familiar with the story, I recommend checking out the movie for the incredible costumes. You're sure to get inspired!


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