JEWELRY: A Painted Paper Galaxy

Sorry there hasn't been much content this week, but I've been busy making jewelry this week. A LOT of jewelry! I chose to design some jewelry using my original watercolor artwork of galaxies, planets, moons, suns, and other spacey things. I wanted to make it stable enough to not need a glass locket case, so I chose a complicated paper method to make a thick enough and protected way to wear the paintings. These will be listed in my Etsy shop over the next week. It's time for something new that features my artwork and isn't something other people can create. I love making all sorts of accessories, and wanted to get back into jewelry making. I'll see how this goes, and decide from there where to go with this. I'll post finished photos as the pieces are listed, but here is a little preview of what this week looked like while working.

1) Some of the paintings were cut apart to make multiple jewelry earring and necklace sets.
2) A lot of the painting, like the splattering, required my fingers to get painted too. Splattering is always fun, so I don't complain.
3) My 2 furry assistants insisted that I take a break. That is Pippi yawning, and Sophie behind her.
4) This is what the paintings looked like after I had sealed them, and glued them to a paper for layering. This is just a portion of the many tiny paintings.

These photos are from my Instagram. Feel free to follow me there if you want to know what I've been doing during the week. Warning, there are a lot of cat photos, but I there are a lot of crafty and adventure photos too.


  1. Very beautifuls! I wanted to paint galaxies in my shoes. I hope to have time to do it because they are very good.
    I encourage you to continue with the jewels that are really great.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. You should check out this collection of Galaxy painting tutorials. There are some great ones for shoes.


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