HAIR: Adventures in Fun Hair Pt. 2

Wednesday, I altered my hair by cutting side swept bangs, and bleaching chunks of my hair. That all went pretty well overall. Today, I transformed my hair into it's red final product.

Photobombing, by Alex, my daughter.

This is what I started with today. Looks fine in the photos, but patchy in person. The next time will be better. I'll buy more bleach, so the selected sections of my hair gets a thicker coat of it.

It took longer for me to apply the color than for it to process. This means the sections I started with processed the longest, but this wasn't a problem. Before adding the color, I used metal double pronged hair clips to separate my hair into workable sections. I used a coloring brush to help apply the L'Oreal Feria Power Reds Cherry Crush hair color. This was especially helpful around the hair line, at the roots, and at the tips. I used more clips, to help keep the colored hair out the way, as I worked my way through my hair. After I was done coloring my hair, I took out all the clips, and gave all my hair a good massage, to make sure I didn't miss any spots. As always, there is a tiny section I miss...I really need a helper. I twisted my hair together, and added 2 metal duck bill hair clips, then a shower cap, and two clips to keep the cap in place while the back section finished processing.

I followed the instructions to wash and condition my hair. If you notice, the sections that I had bleached, are a brighter red than the unbleached sections. The light was odd this morning, which made photo taking hard. The bottom is the same as the top. There is no gradient here.

I'm overall happy with it. If I keep up the practice of coloring my hair more often than I normally do, then I'll definitely get better at it. Also, next time, I need a proper coloring cape. Thankfully, I have lots of cotton squares and rubbing alcohol to remove the color from my skin, while the color is processing in my hair. This works perfect for me. Plus, I obviously shower to remove the excess hair color, so I avoid the drying effects of rubbing alcohol. I have a few other wacky things to try in a few weeks, when I need to redo my roots. For now, this works great. There will surely be some better photos next week at the Skull Appreciation Day 2013 Face Off show. I'll be sure to share them here, after the event and we return home.


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