HAIR: Adventures in Fun Hair Pt. 1

Since the Skull Appreciation Day Faceoff show opening is next Friday, I'm doing various things to prep. One of those is tackling recoloring my hair, since my red has faded and I have obvious roots. I decided to take this opportunity to mess with my hair more than normal. I started by cutting long side swept bangs. My forehead needed some softening. They were a little challenging, but it was the 1st time I'd tried this bang style. I used to have Betty Bangs for years, and I screwed those up more times than I did them right. These are more my speed, and in time with learning to trim them, I'll likely figure out how to cut them better.

Next was the harder part. I sectioned my hair with a rat tail comb and many metal clips, to prep for bleached chunks. Then, I used the Manic Panic Flash Lightning bleach kit to lighten the desired sections. It comes with a coloring brush, which made applying it MUCH easier than expected. After it was done processing, I washed it out and shampooed my hair as required. I rinse out the coloring brush and clips. I'm letting my hair air-dry. This is only the 2nd time I've done bleached chunks. It's better than the 1st time, but still needs improving. The more I do it, the better I'll get...just like learning anything else.

I'll get into the complicated red coloring tomorrow. It's only complicated because I have long hair. This requires a lot of sectioning and time to apply the color. If all goes right, the bleached sections will be a lighter red than the rest of my hair. Since I'm using the same red color all over my hair, the bleached, roots, and existing dyed sections should look nice together. I'll update you tomorrow when I'm done, with better full photos.

Bleach, color, clips, and comb

Partially lightened

After I washed my hair, towel dried and combed it.

After it had air dried

These photos are from my Instagram. Feel free to follow me there, to see what I'm up to.


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