DESIGN PROCESS: Finishing Galaxy Necklaces

I'm working hard at finishing these galaxy necklaces, so I can sell them. So far, everything is going well. Yesterday, I finished 14 necklaces, by adding jump rings and adjustable necklace cords. This morning I finished another batch, and have about 2/3 of the necklaces finished! YAY! Through the rest of today, I worked on finishing the last third, which involves a lot of drying. Tomorrow, I'll add the jump rings and necklace cords to those. Sophie, my adorable tuxedo kitty laid in the large work tray, despite having a soft clear spot on the couch to sleep. Thankfully, she moved after the photo of her, and slowly stopped half laying in the tray, so I could work on the last batch of necklaces. While they dry, I've been playing around with other designs. I love being able to make wearable art that has original artwork, vs copies. This is more fun for me to make, than having to make copies...which requires more waiting time than it takes to make a new painting. The effect the sealer gives to the water color paint is something that can't be achieved with a copy. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll get around to photographing the finished ones, and listing a few on Etsy.

These photos are from my Instagram. Feel free to follow me there.


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