OOTD: Art Museum Adventures

Today, we went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art (VMFA) for Slow Art Day. It was arranged by Mim Scalin, and concentrates on viewing 5 pieces of art slowly. I challenged Alex to look a the pieces and tell me things she noticed about them. After we had viewed all the pieces, we took a few minutes to take advantage of the pretty building architecture and take some outfit photos.

For my tops, I'm wearing three layers of black and white stripes. The 1st layer is a t-shirt knit tank top (which isn't easily visible). I bought it from Charlotte Russe several years ago. It was a t-shirt fabric nightgown that was clearance priced. I cut it shorter to a nice long tank length. The next layer is a thin 1/4 sleeve t-shirt that I bought on Ebay several months ago.. The last layer is a t-shirt fabric cardigan that I bought at Ross recently.

The skirt is an Isaac Mizrahi creation for Target, but I bought it last Sunday at Diversity Thrift. It's made of a taffeta like fabric with creases similar to a broomstick skirt. The waistband is wide, and starts at about my natural waist. 

The bows tattoo stockings, black hidden platform booties, and Alexander McQueen inspired bag are from Ebay. There are more details about the stockings below, but I've already covered the bag and booties in previous posts.

The poppy hair flower is one I made last year. The petals were hand painted with layers of red glitter paint, before being sewn together. The center is a black PVC circle encrusted with layers of sequins and beads. It's all hand sewn together, including adding the alligator clip to the back.

The necklace is one that I made several years ago, but haven't worn much. The crystals on the left got a bit tangled while I was wearing the necklace, but the right side is how it should lay. It has wire wrapped crystals specially placed and attached to strands of thing silver chain. The construction in the back is special with two large wire wrapped rings, an adjustable chain, and lobster clasp. It is one of the more complicated pieces I've made because of the layout and drape.

The button you see was for Slow Art Day, to identify our rambling group from the rest of the art museum patrons.

This is a better view of the printed stockings. I had asked my husband to tell me which side needed adjusting, before we left the house...but apparently one side still needed adjusting...haha. I love backseam stockings, and was thrilled to see this unusual design for the tattoo stockings trend from Japan. I follow a couple Japanese street fashion sites, and love this trend from there. I have a few other designs too... all over planets, double guns, veins. This kind is a pale sheer nice quality stocking with an opaque print on them. Though the ones on Ebay are available in this pale nylon, there are other versions on Etsy available in multiple skin tones. The purpose of making sure the nylon is sheer and flesh toned, is so the prints look like tattoos. I really like the effect these stockings create.

I actually am wearing earrings in all 6 of my ear piercings, but I was so focused on getting my daughter's ears pierced afterwards that I forgot to take photos.

My daughter took the 1st two photos. My husband took the two back, flower, and necklace photos.

That is all for today. Tomorrow, I'm helping my daughter's Girl Scouts troop make jewelry. I guess it would be good to bring in some examples for the girls to see.


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